Mike Gajda - May 30, 2022
East Rock Park

East Rock Park is beautiful and accessible.

This weekend I took the Amtrak train down to New Haven to spend some time with some friends. The train was super crowded on the way there simce it was Memorial Day weekend, but luckily the way back was much less busy.

Food, as always, was a priority on this trip. We started off by making Paul Hollywood's Tarte Aux Abricot, but we subbed nectarines for apricots. The tarte turned out tasting delicious, though the texture of the creme patissiere was a little grainy due to the addition of corn flour. Overall, a great way to start the weekend.

Peeling and Stoning Nectarines

Knife skills on display

Tarte Aux Abricots Recipe

Tarte Aux Abricots Recipe from How to Bake by Paul Hollywood

The Completed Tarte Aux Abricot (with Nectarine instead)

The store was out of apricots, so we went with nectarines instead.

After the tarte was done we set out to explore Yale's campus. Having two personal tour guides helped us find the most photogenic places on campus. I was particularly impressed by the libraries. The Rare Books Library is the one that I was most familiar with before arriving in New Haven. It's known for being a windowless, climate controlled place where researchers come to read very, very old books. Over time its reputation as an attraction has increased, and there are exhibits from Yale's collection around the perimeter of the library. Access to the shelves is, of course, stricly limited to researchers only.

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

A windowless space that offers windows into the world.

Sterling Memorial Library

Something about the midcentury modern furniture composed behind the ornate arches made this view feel like it was out of the show Severance.

Gutenberg Bible

Only 21 copies of the Gutenberg Bible exist today, and Yale has one of them on display for the public to see.

Sterling Memorial Library Mid-century Modern Furniture

More beautiful furniture.

Sterling Memorial Library Courtyard

Just before the sudden downpour the sky was blue and the air was breezy.

A sudden thunderstorm had us looking for cover, and the free Yale Art Gallery provided a stimulating reprieve from the terrible weather outside. It was surprising to see such a high quality museum on a college campus: there were Picassos, Basquiats, and Mondrians to name a few.

American Silverware

I love old silverware.

Teletherapy by Rebecca Ness

As someone who started therapy during the pandemic, this piece fully resonated with me.

If perhaps by chance I find myself encaged by Sedrick Huckaby

A chilling perspective on the criminal justice system in America.

Finally, we spent a half-day hiking in East Rock Park which was a lovely way to end the weekend. It's easy to forget that nature is usually just around the corner. Hiking through the park was a great way to start the day (after some coffee from a place called Koffee?)

East Rock Park

East Rock Park is beautiful and accessible.

Trans Love

Trans Love 💜

B&W Leaves

Sometimes greenery can be in black and white.

New Haven Through leaves

Late May is the perfect time to see lush greenery.