Mike Gajda - July 27, 2022
Mike Sky Lagoon

Contemplating life in my first infinity pool

8:30 Sky Lagoon
Sky Lagoon

Didn't have to edit this photo! We got here so early no one else was here yet

Adventure was had getting to Sky Lagoon, which is a new lagoon/spa in the greater Reykjavik area. With 5,000 kroner still in my wallet, we decided to take the bus out of the city and leisurely stroll from our stop to the spa. Early in the morning this gave us a great view of the water and a nice way to get ready for the spa.

We arrived 30 minutes earlier than we originally booked on our tickets, but the Sky Lagoon staff had no trouble letting us in a bit early. The early morning is delightful here because everything is so empty, and it feels like you have the place to yourself. This gave us ample opportunity to enjoy the infinity pool and take our preferred photos before the tours started.

Sky Lagoon promotes its Seven Step Process as integral to the experience there. From afar, this sounded like a marketing gimmick, but we splurged on it since we don't plan on being back in Iceland very soon. The splurge was a highlight of the trip because it left our skin feeling exceptionally soft and rejuvenated.